Thursday, September 6, 2007

I just wonder about local restaurants, sometimes
And what goes on with them. Because we eat out ... probably too much ... so I notice.
Like, what was up with the old Hacienda restaurants (the chain)? They both died and their shells sat for months and months. Rumors swirled about mold problems. Now, the one at Dupont and Lima is torn down. No sign of anything except one that says "For Sale."
The one at Jefferson Pointe is being reborn as yet ... another Mexican restaurant. Of which I'm not sure there is a lot of need, nor market, for.
And the new IHOP? I thought I'd read it was going in on Illinois Road. Now I see it's on Jefferson. But not yet.
And the New York Fresh Deli on Illinois Road. We tried twice to go there...and it was closed. (Puts it in my "undependable" category. It's not like we were trying to eat at 3 a.m.) We finally hit it when it was open, and it was pretty good, although a little expensive for a sandwich. The subs may be a slightly New York, but the ambiance sure isn't -- although it was really nice, but more Panera Bread than NYC deli. I was in a real NY deli in May -- old, narrow, crowded, and delicious.
And why can't JP fill the spot Puccini's was in? Because we really, really miss Puccini's. Great fresh pizza, and you could sit outside.
Speaking of Puccini's, why do restaurants keep leaving JP in the middle of the night? Seems to be a trend.
And why anyone waits more than 10 minutes for a table anywhere, is unexplainable to me.
Why can't Casas have little outdoor seating areas, like real Italian cafes?
And the problem with the no smoking ordinance...all the smokers are now outside.

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