Sunday, September 23, 2007 : Fort Wayne news, sports, jobs, homes, cars : Notre Dame loses again
Spent Saturday in South Bend amid the devoted fans. Greg and Tony had tickets to the game; Jayme and I tailgated with them, went over to campus and watched the band and souvenir-shopped, then hit South Bend for more shopping.
The guys counted it as some kind of victory the Irish scored two offensive touchdowns...but think the poor freshman quarterback is just out of his league.
We marveled at the zealousness of the atmosphere, even under the potential (and then actual) 0-4 record. Greg speculated that if this continues, Touchdown Jesus might actually be looking down on some empty seats. I disagreed--I think ND football on Saturday is as important to those fans, alumni, and students as Sunday Mass. They ain't goin' noplace.
My main observation was, how come South Bend has better shopping than Fort Wayne? Why should they have a Sephora, and us not?
I'm just askin'.

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