Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back in the Bob Sievers day
When we first moved to Ft. Wayne, there was only one radio station to listen to, and that was WOWO.
The music was Top 40 and the "talk" was mostly news and weather. (As opposed to oldies and blow-hard opinions nowadays.)
And Bob Sievers was the voice of Ft. Wayne. His voice was strongly mellow, he had an in-control but not domineering on-air demeanor, and his laugh was contagious.
He talked us through the blizzard of '78 (an many lesser storms), flood of '82 (and more), and more Penny Pitches (WOWO's big Christmas fund raiser) than seems possible. One of the highlights of our kids' growing-up years was taking a bag of pennies downtown and pouring it into the Penny Pitch barrel.
How many school-closing lists must have he read over the years!
Since I'm not an early riser, I don't remember The Little Red Barn farm show as much as others do, but since the station used the theme song as a commercial, for the show, that does stick in my mind.
Bob Sievers was 90, and his was surely a life well-lived, and the lives he touched stretch as far as the 50,000-watt radio waves on a clear January night.

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