Thursday, September 20, 2007

Across town and back again

I've been drivin' across town all week, Aboite to Dupont Road, while we babysit the grandpeeps while their parents are in Vegas.
So I'm observing even more than usual on my Aboite to Huntington drive, where my two usual diversions are, is that car that the state police have pulled over someone I know and, is there any new roadkill?
Notes from the drive:
Monday and Tuesday, no problem getting through the I69 lane shift/feeder exit. Cruised right through.
Wednesday evening, a half-mile backup from the shift. By the time I'd picked up the peeps and headed back south, traffic was backed up to Coldwater Road.
What part of "no wide loads" don't truck drivers understand? This morning, right at the shift, came not one but two extra-wide and extra-long loads. I made one wait for me as a blew past. Both trucks had some incredibly long, square concrete pillars on them, heading north. What the heck could they have been?
This morning, just south of the 930 exit, cars slowing down and getting over. My heart sank and my stomach knotted that I was going to have to witness one of those horrific car crashes that my usual contact with is on the radio--you know, "avoid the exit 102 area, etc. etc." But despite a state police car and two fire trucks, no accident. Instead just a little red car pulled over to the side, and the fire truck guys helping a gentleman inside. Maybe a heart attack? I hope he's okay.
It makes no sense department: Last night, I filled up with fuel at the Lassus at Chestnut Plaza on Illinois Road. $2.86. Seeing that oil futures have been at record highs this week, I counted myself lucky.
Price of gas at the Meijer and the Lassus at Lima Road this morning: $2.68.
Price of gas at Lassus at Roanoke: $2.78.
Price of gas in Huntington: $2.68.
Take your pick. I might as well be in Vegas.

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