Wednesday, August 29, 2007

WANE-TV Coverage You Can Count On: Allegiant Expands Service Again
Expanded service from FWA is certainly good news, but don't take those claims of $69 fares overly seriously.
Oh yea, that's that you'll pay for one leg. Plus the taxes and services charges. Plus $10 a checked bag. (And why oh why is a golf bag free, but a suitcase, 10 bucks? I don't know.) Plus $10 for reserving a seat. Plus $10 for priority seating. Plus you pay for beverages and snacks. Plus that $10 is each way. Plus, remember you are flying into second-tier airports--if anything happens that you miss your flight, like a sick kid, you are just stuck. Your flight choices out of that airport are extremely limited. And the "customer service" folks at the counter--they are just not really interested in helping you out.
I'm not saying, don't fly Allegiant--just, buyer beware.
Because when we missed our Allegiant flight out of Orlando Sanford on spring break, because of a sick kid, the next Allegiant flight out was Monday (this was Friday) and there were just no other choices out of that airport. We ended up on U.S. Air out of the big Orlando airport. And don't ask how much. Only added 10 hours to our trip. But we did get home on Friday, although we had to come though Indy. In a rental car.
Hey, spring break was fun, though :)

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