Saturday, August 25, 2007

Summer colds
Who can pronounce the phrase without modifying it with this: "are the worst"?
Oh, I don't have a big one. I know I got it from Taylor, newly two, she of the runny nose and little compunction about hygiene. Thanks, T-dawg.
But a little sore throat, a little congestion, a lot of exhaustion, too much stuff to do=not sick enough to go to bed, just sick enough to feel cruddy.
My senior year at IPFW, I caught a doozy, 10x worse than this, and had to go to first day of classes--how can you miss the first day of school as a college senior? Comtrex was how I did it, but I had very little memory of anything anyone said. I played catchup for a week.
Of course our Ft. Wayne weather has not exactly been cooperative--after our weeks of near-drought, the low pressure arrives along with the rain, humidity, etc. that makes anyone sinuses seize up.
Can you even buy Comtrex anymore? Is it one of those meds you sign your life away for? Cos I am needing some right now.

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