Saturday, August 18, 2007

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It's one of those times of the season when there's just too much information. I know there are people who don't watch the news, read the news, or listen to the news. Or, they get any news through The Daily Show.
Not me, or my crowd. Most of us are addicted to news--we read it online, listen to it on the radio, watch it on TV, and read it in print.
And during a time such as this, it seems there is too much news.
The Utah mine collapse...Hurricane Dean...the space shuttle...NJ shootings...NYC firefighters killed...the Peru earthquake.
Not to mention local stories like the Kelty indictment, the downtown stadium, property taxes and the failed FWCS capitol improvement plan.
So I also try to fill up my brain with news that less taxing. Did the Indians win? (Yes.) Did the Tigers lose? (Yes.) Did Nancy do a new post? (Maybe.) What's Scott writing about today? (Could be anything.) I read the editorial page, but I read the funnies too (although when you're a Funky fan, that can get a little depressing, too.). But Get Fuzzy never lets me down.
And, of course, we try to live life, not just read about others' lives.
We take ourselves to activities like the Toast of Ohio wine festival in Sandusky, where a dozen or so wineries offered samples and bottles, and eight or so restaurants offered goodies from chocolate mousse to sangria shrimp. We must have tried half a dozen food goodies (that bread pudding was to die for) and I had eight wine samples. Who'd have thought the Red Kiss chocolate wine would be so smooth?
Well, better scoot. Just had a breaking news alert from CNN. Some crisis somewhere....

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