Monday, August 20, 2007

Hey wait Bob, what did you say?
Interesting article in Sports Business Journal about Ft. Wayne being the number one minor league sports town. It would also have been interesting to see amateur and youth sports addressed, given the lively tournament schedule of baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, etc.
But after I read this comment in the SBJ from Bob Chase:

“This place started out as a major league sports town,” Chase said, pointing to both the Pistons and a baseball history dating back to the 1870s. “But we accept the fact that we’re not a major league town now, and it doesn’t bother us in the least. We’re terribly proud of the fact that we’re a darned good minor league town.

“That goes a long way here.”

I couldn't help but remember this from the News-Sentinel:

"Something that has not happened in this town, the sports teams have not marketed themselves in a manner where the community has accepted them as part of the community, but rather as a leech on the part of the facilities. Fort Wayne is not a good sports town. The only sports team that has reached any financial success in this town, and that was in cycles over 47 years, was the Komets, and now they are struggling. What has ever succeeded here? I love Fort Wayne, and it's a great city to live in, but the sports side of this business is very frustrating."

– Bob Chase, Komets' radio broadcaster for 46 years.

What up, Bob?

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