Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cubs suck
Score was 1-1 when we got home tonight about 9:15 or's 5-1 now, at 9:56. Cubs are NOT winning.
Tribe winning, but the Tigers are far a wash.

This is a hoot, from the I can has cheezburger site:

i am waiting for the cheezburger man. do you have anyƂ money?

Speaking of the Cubs, and watching the commercials during, does anyone else think the Miller High Life beer commercials are just, really, dumb? For a product whose OLD motto used to be, "The champagne of bottle beers," isn't it ... backwards? ... that now your product is so low-brow that you're taking it OUT of stores and restaurants deemed too high class? I'm just sayin'.

Oh, do check out this book:
I thought and thought about what a good book a band season would make...someone beat me to it. And they wrote about CONCORD, of all bands--nemesis of Homestead, back in the day when we were a Class B band. (B designating size, not quality.) One of our funniest early band show memories came from Concord...we were at a show early in a band season, and witnessed 1) a band with marching Elvi (or Elvises, depending on your style); 2) a band with spinning suns (I forget their significance in the show, but they were effective); and, 3) the attire of the Concord HS guard, which were short, white Romanesque dresses split up to there. Whoa. (Just to date us, A. was in about 7th grade, as a band helper, and this was in the early '90s.)

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