Thursday, August 9, 2007

Behind the Counter--new blog find
Just when I think I'm sick o readin' the same ole stuff, here comes sumthin' fun.

Looks like this blogger has gotten some publicity, and she's getting send around by email (how I discovered her). But if you've EVER worked in retail -- or with "the public" in any way -- you will feel her pain.

You might remember several of my fam members are medical people...who deal with folks who are at their grouchiest (and most vulnerable). A. was complaining one time about the patients she'd had to deal with one day. Me, the unrelenting optimist, in a vain effort to cheer her up, said,

"But Ang, you're helping The People!"

Ang: "I don't want to help The People! I hate The People!"

I won't try to access how much of that was kidding and how much was truth.

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