Monday, July 2, 2007

The Western Reserve
Tomorrow we're off to the Western Reserve Museum in Cleveland. I guess there are actually a couple museums and a library you can visit, in the University Circle area. We may also hit downtown for shopping and eating.

On Saturday, we went to Sandusky and visited the Merry Go Round museum--it's small but just super. A restored carousel is the centerpiece, and many exhibits of carousel horses with lots of history. Learned that every merry go round has a "lead horse" -- it's one after a chariot. It's usually more ornate than the others. There are also three different styles of merry go rounds, one with very simple merry go rounds, one with realistic horses, and one with fantastic creatures. There are names for each, but I'd have to look them up.

We also got to see an old tri-motor plan that visited Sandusky Griffin Airport last weekend. My dad had a ride in it, and loved every second. Took him over the islands, the bay, Cedar Point, and the city of Sandusky. I remember seeing on like it--the old "Tin Goose"-- that ferried people and stuff back and forth to the islands, when I was little.

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