Monday, July 9, 2007

Museum of Carousel Art and History Merry Go Round Museum Sandusky Ohio
Here's the web site of the merry go round museum in Sandusky. It's not really big, but I learned more about merry go rounds than I imagined there was to learn--the different styles, which style goes with with merry go round. I also gained an appreciation for the artistry of the figures. The carvers weren't there on Saturday when we were, but their work area is viewable and you can buy mini-horses in the gift shop. Also, you get a ride on a restored merry go round. If you're going to Cedar Point, take an hour or so and visit. Little and big kids love it, as well as grownups.
Check out the beautiful gardens in downtown Sandusky, also. Free concerts on some days.
And, while you're there, take a walk down to the historic waterfront (only a block north). You never know what will be docked...a tall ship, a replica of the Niagra, Oliver Hazard Perry's flagship, was there last weekend. Also, the marina, more parks, a Damon's, and other unexpected treats (there's a different festival every weekend at the park near Damon's).


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