Tuesday, July 17, 2007

June to July
Happens every year; June with its newness of summer, just-beginning feel. School fresh out, vacations planned, weekends of pool or lake lounging seem to stretch on forever. Weather now warm, sky nearly always blue, gardens and flowers planted. Finally, summer.

We always go to Ohio the first week of July, we're always there for the 4th. So somehow, though we leave at the end-game of June, we come back to the full flush and summer, and summer-clothes-now-on-clearance, and aisles being cleared for back-to-school (!), and one vacation is over, and it's Three Rivers, and how-are-we-going-to-fit-this-or-that-activity in before the end of summer?

How does that? Why does the newness of June now descend to the "summer's almost over" feeling of the middle of July?

Well, I blame one thing: the early start of the school year. With a lot of kids going back on Aug. 15 or there-abouts, summer is just over faster.

Not that I think the school year should be shorter, or that kids shouldn't go back then...that's another discussion.

But it's just hard getting used to, and I long for the days of summer-infinity of my long-lost youth. Because, after all, it's only July 17.

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