Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What fun--the community band had a concert last night. Matt had to miss it, but me, G., J., C. and T. were all there to enjoy.

For our listening pleasure, the band played:
The Lansing State Journal
Cole Porter on Broadway
Big Band Signature
Good Old Days
Glory of the Yankee Navy March
Armed Forces Salute
A Cohan Broadway Festival
Victory at Sea
God Bless America
Battle Hymn of the Republic
The Stars and Stripes Forever

Several highlights of the evening:
1) The challenge of corralling two active girls. I used to say it was like herding cats, now I think it's worse--like herding ants. Thank goodness I brought some snacks, and the concession stand was open!
2) The Summit City Barbershop Chorus and Octet sang several selections, and they were WONDERFUL. These gentlemen were such a pleasure to listen too--true professionals who took such pleasure in performing. Check them out here»
3) C. shouting out, after a particularly quiet tune, before the clapping started: "WAY TO GO MOMMY!!!"
4) She did it TWICE.
5) T. making friends with every elderly person sitting near us, which results in their immediately forgiving us for the commotion we cause.
6) J. buying, from his own money, popcorn for everyone, a diet for me, AND donating $2 to the Follinger Theater, on his own!
7) Mr. Blackwell, one of the conductors, changing into his Sousa costume for the last number, The Stars and Stripes Forever, and the big flag dropping down at the end.
8) T. recognizing the tune and knowing it was the end--she put her palms up and announced, with a big grin, "ALL DONE!"
9) Spotting three raccoons in the theater after, scavenging for scraps!
10) Did I mention the exhaustion of corralling two active girls and a almost 10-year-old?

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