Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cubs fans, rejoice: Comcast Midwest SportsNet appeared last night
We were out most of the evening at a baseball game, but a half-hour of TV watching before bedtime brought a happy discovery to G.: The "other" station the Cubs are on (besides WGN) has finally appeared on our new Verizon FiOS TV.
I had asked about the station when we signed on in May, and the CSR I spoke with THOUGHT it would be coming--I did a little research and discovered that Comcast sports stations were signing agreements in other FiOS TV communities, so I figured it was only a matter of time before Ft. Wayne, home of many rabid Cub fans, had it also.
G.'s prayers have been answered. Now he will be able to watch in person or on DVR every. single. Cub. game. Can you sense the excitement?
Our FiOS TV service continues to be refined. I'm finding Verizon's marketing very interesting. They are now mentioning in their general FiOS commercials "TV" (and of course through an agreement with DirectTV, they had been advertising "TV" for a long time--only now, it's their own service. Although I believe they still work with DirectTV for some feeds.)
The highly touted widgets consist of one-button weather, but so far for the traffic reports, it's always a green light, but for community news, there's now a test message.
When I visited the FiOS TV web site today, the program guide looked as if our channel locations might be changing, which would be pretty disastrous to me, since I still can't remember where much of anything is.
What impresses me most about the FiOS service: the nice selection of HD channels (we LOVE the music one, lots of HD concerts), the ease of recording with the DVR (although not as sophisticated as my old Tivo), and the fact that thunderstorms do NOT affect my reception!

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