Monday, July 23, 2007

Apple Glen Wal-mart: Managed by Dursley's

It's a good thing I'm not 12...I don't think I could have stood the Harry Potter excitement.

We enjoyed an evening at the Allen County Fair on Friday night, but about 11:25 p.m. it was off to Apple Glen Wal-mart. The parking lot looked normally full, which, since it was so late at night, I took to mean I was not the only one with the idea.

The line started in lawn-and-garden, and we were not too far back--not in the lawn department, but back by the toothpaste and pet food! People were streaming in--before midnight, the line was twice as long behind us as it was ahead of us.

We chatted with the other people in line and Wal-mart folks handed out free wristbands, bookmarks, posters and trivia cards. Every five minutes they'd announce how much longer until the book could be sold.

I assumed that they had the pallets of books in lawn and garden, and would start passing them out at 12:01 a.m. I was sadly mistaken.

Midnight came, and a small cheer from the front of the line. But instead of passing out books, they began checking that long line of dozens of people ONE register, one at a time. The line barely budged for 20 minutes!

Mutiny was brewing in the line, because a Wal-mart guy had trundled a pallet of books towards the front of the store about 11:50. Rumors began flying that they were selling books at the registers!

I sent Greg to reconnoiter. Three minutes later, my phone rang--it was true. "They're selling them at register 17 and 25!" he reported. "But they're just regular lines--people with groceries and stuff are ahead of me. I don't know that I'll get there any faster than you."

We agreed we'd both stay in our respective lines and call the other one if we got close to checkout.

Two minutes later, the cell range again. He was next in line! I hightailed it of the stupidest line ever (that store manager is obviously a Muggle of the Dursley kind) to find Greg ready to order our two books from the clerks behind the register.

He reported that after he talked to me, they quit letting people with food or other stuff in the line, and it moved fast.

By 12:30 we had two books and were on our way home. Finally!

I'd already decided to read the first couple of chapters, then skip to the end, and read the last two. I wanted to read them myself, I was dying to know what happened, and I didn't want to have to barricade myself against "spoilers" all weekend.

It turned into a great strategy. I could turn off the light at 1:30 a.m., satisfied with the ending, and ready to devote as much of the weekend as possible to reading it all the way through.

Saturday, I was able to do the laundry, the dishes, a few other chores, go out for lunch and a trip to B&N (to buy J. another early b-day present of a book about wands, that's he'd spotted Friday night at Borders), get him picked up at 3 and delivered to his dad's for a trip to a Detroit Tigers game, go to dinner at friends',and finish the book at 1:30 a.m.

What did I do Sunday? Started reading it again, of course!

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