Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The vagueness of clouds in the summertime

Yesterday during my lunch-time walk, I got to thinking how I love the kind of day it was. Very warm, but not yet stifling hot. A little humid, but not drenching. Partly cloudy, but the clouds were very amorphous--there but not quite, hazy edges, and the hint that a thunderstorm could blow up. A perfect summer day, to my mind.

That came back and bit me in my camp-chair-sitting butt.

So, J.'s game was at 7:30, and we headed up early--before 7. Sitting right over Wallen--a bigger, darker cloud, one that dropped some big, fat drops on us even on I-69...then stopped. Hauling all my stuff from the car to the field, again...big, fat drops. That stopped. But, that cloud didn't move.

Walked back to the car for my umbrella, no drops. Sit down...big, fat drops from that none-moving cloud. That quickly stopped.

I bet we had sprinkles half a dozen times over the first hour or so of the ball game before that cloud didn't so much move as disappear.

Unfortunately, we also lost the game. But since they're was forgotten as quickly as the big fat drops had evaporated.

More baseball tonight!

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