Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fly like an eagle
We saw an eagle today. Any day you see a bald eagle, in the wild, is a good day.
We'd taken J. and Mc. to Old Woman's Creek, one of the only freshwater estuaries in the U.S. It's off Route 6, near Lake Erie.
We walked down the paved path, through the woods. It was very cool--the wind off the lake was stronger than in Norwalk, and since the lake is still in the 50s, was pretty refreshing.
At the little observation deck, there's a plaque that details the differences in the birds you might see there--the hawks, the seagulls. And of course, the egrets and herons.
The long-legged birds were everywhere, and active--we saw one catch and eat a fish through the binoculars.
We took some pictures, and held McK. up so she could see the action.
I was looking to the south, where a train had just passed, and noticed a huge bird soaring. I was so stupid, so not ready to see one--until the sun flashed on its tail, and I realized what I was looking at.
The sky was deep blue and clear, and the eagle's wings were unbelievable wide against the sky as it tipped away from us. Its head and tail flashed white as it turned, and it glided away behind the trees to the east.
Jayme tried to get a picture, but didn't get much more than a black dot.
We looked again at the plaque, and knew for sure, for the shape we saw matched it exactly: a bald eagle.
A great day.

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