Thursday, June 7, 2007

FIOS TV update
We do love our FIOS TV.
We're watching the Cavs in the NBA finals right now, and the picture is beautiful. Very sharp. Having ESPN HD has been pretty cool for the sports fans.
I still haved gotten to watch Discovery Planet Earth in HD, and haven't taken the time to set up the DVR to record it. And oh, did I mention how convenient it is to have the DVR actually on the TV we watch, instead of the TiVo back in the office? Oh, I can watch the DVR stuff in the other rooms too.
One thing I don't think the techs did was wire the house so we could move TVs around. I have to call about that one--I had asked about it when Verizon first called about installing the TV.
I'm kind of surprised that, after the first day, nobody from Verizon has called to see how it's going. Since it's still not officially launched, I assume we are kind of beta testers, and I'd be callin' my testers.
The only thing I miss about the Dish is the surfing menu--you can press the right arrow, and the information about the show you're watching is in a bar on top, and you can surf though other channels in a bar at the bottom. I did like that feature.
With FIOS, I have been using the guide--the channel you're watching goes into the top right hand corner, with sound, and you can scroll by channel or by page. Detailed info about the show you're hovering over appears. Since I still am not remembering what channel is what, the guide is very helpful. I also use the printed sheet.
We are curious about the status of Comcast Sportsnet and also FoxSports Midwest. The customer service people didn't know much, except we might get them, but on different versions of the printed guide, they appear as channels 65 and 66. I can only guess negotiations must be continuing--Greg is hoping that the channels appear by magic on day soon. Although the Cubs have been on WGN a lot lately, and of course, he is not missing much anyway.
I also really like the local Weather Channel channel--very nice!

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