Monday, May 7, 2007

Will Diet Coke Be the Same … With Vitamins? - Newsweek Health - "May 14, 2007 issue - For most of the last century vice was defined by critic Alexander Woollcott's remark that everything he liked was 'illegal, immoral or fattening.' That, though, was before the invention of Diet Coke. 'It's my one vice,' says Amy Stensrud, a 46-year-old Seattle mother of two, who buys a 32-ounce container of Diet Coke at a 7-Eleven every morning, right after the gym. She has in effect defined vice upward as something 'inconsistent with my values,' which was never Woollcott's problem with bathtub gin."

I would NEVER have said I was "addicted" to any kind of pop before I dieted a couple of years ago. But I totally gave up sugared sodas in early 2005 and made diet my drink of choice--eventually, Diet Coke. I never would have dreamed that having a "diet" with my fast-food salad for lunch--extra large--and making sure I refilled it before leaving the restaurant, to sip on all afternoon, would make me so happy. But it does.

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