Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Judges get generous with 10s on ‘Dancing’ - Dancing with the Stars -

Scores become suspicious
"Apolo and Julianne kicked off the Latin round with a cha-cha, from which they badly wanted another round of perfect 10s to go with their first. The cha-cha, performed to the already eyebrow-raising “Push It,” had about as much R-rated content as you’ll see on this particular show, but it came off as playful rather than vulgar. The explosive laughter into which Apolo and Julianne immediately exploded when it was finished seemed to put a playful capper on the performance.

Nevertheless, Len decided that it was “too raunchy,” and he dinged them one point, dropping them to a total of 29 rather than 30. Given the fact that the dance was crisp and interesting throughout, Len’s rather subjective deduction based on what appeared to be distaste rather than criticism had the effect of supporting the suspicion that perhaps the decision had been made not to award Apolo, the current presumptive frontrunner, the straight perfect scores that would cement his status."

Here was the thing--right after Len puts Apolo down for the "too raunchy" dance, he uses a VERY suggestive phrase to describe Joey's dance! Talk about a double standard.

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