Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Have Verizon FIOS TV, and You Don't

Oh yes, friends, still stuck with cable, satellite, or, God forbid, an antenna.

Beamed into my house via the miracle of fiber-optic-to-the-home, installed by two very competent techs in about 4 hours or so, indeed, here is it.

One HD DVR dual tuner receiver, two regular receivers, and a whole new world of TV convenience that won't be affected by the thickness of the cloud cover over Aboite.

A mystery: the channel guide given to us lists channel 66 as Foxsports Net (this guide dated May '07). A PDF of the channel guide I found online that is dated April '07 lists channel 66 as Comcast Sportsnet and channel 67 as Fox. What's coming in on channel 66 or 67 right now: static. We are guessing that Verizon is still in negotiations with the two channels in questions, and are hopeful that someday soon these stations will magically appear on the dial (speaking retro-ly).

This matters mostly to the Cubs fans in the fiber optic home. Luckily, he is so entranced with the DVR it might take his mind off the lack of Cubiness temporarily, and thank goodness this afternoon they were on regular Fox.

Stay tuned.

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