Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Book club, thunderstorms, the price of fuel, bad exit experiences, etc.

For some reason, every year for our May book club meeting, we have a thunderstorm. A couple of years ago I took my friend Woodeene to a meeting as a guest--she was in town from Eugene, Oregon. They don't have many thunderstorms there, so the weather here tends to freak her out. On our way to the meeting, you guessed it, a thunderstorm ensued. WITH a tornado warning! We ended up in the basement of the hostess's house--but all was well. No one blown away.

Nothing that exciting last night--just got my feet wet on my way to a very interesting discussion of a book called Everything Bad Is Good for You by Steven Johnson. His "sleeper curve" theory is a great excuse for watching all kinds of TV!

We were all in shock yesterday when the price of gas at the station across the street from work spiked to $3.39. I was kicking myself on my way home--as I passed the station in Roanoke I noticed their price was still $3.19. A. called, and she was irate at the spike, especially since she fills up a mini-van.

But good news this morning...the Roanoke Lassus was still at $3.19. Of course I pulled in and filled up! How pathetic...I now think THREE DOLLARS AND NINETEEN CENTS is a deal for gas.

Three days until FIOS TV! Did I ever have a bad experience yesterday, canceling our DISH Network service. Wow, do they ever not want to let you go. They offered me everything except the kitchen sink, gave me the third degree about why we were canceling and what our new package is (none of which I felt was their business and refused to answer) and also spent quite a bit of time dissing Verizon. They also wanted me to "put our service on hold," for six months, which cost $10 a month! Why would anyone in their right mind do that!? Of course the customer service rep who "helped me" was following a script--so I felt badly about getting a little testy with her and apologized. But I did say that if DISH EVER wanted me back as a customer they should rethink their exit script, because it was a very bad experience and one I don't want to repeat. I don't like to be bullied by a service provider!

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