Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Take a math class!
I know this is very picky, but I listen to Jeannette Dillon give the weather every work morning. I wish someone at the station would send her to a statistical probability class. No matter what the chance of precipitation--10%, 20%, 40%, 90%--she says, "It's going to rain today." Not "slight chance of rain" (at 10 or 20%, say) or "it might rain" (at 40%, like today), but, very firmly, "It's going to rain today." She must be from day on vacation they had a 20% chance of rain and they were almost beside themselves with anticipation. Of course, that day the sun was out and it was 85°. Just like today, where the sun is out and, at least on my forecast, the rain is gone. Also, why she doesn't have a computer screen up in front of her with the local radar/satellite on it is beyond me. She is always pretty clueless about what's going on outside.

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