Monday, April 16, 2007 > San Diego Padres -- Young flops on icon's stage: "Even before Young threw 42 pitches in a two-run, three-walk second, the Padres were feeling grumpy about a weird setback in the first. Manager Bud Black and catcher Rob Bowen were stunned after plate umpire Angel Hernandez awarded Dodgers leadoff man Rafael Furcal first base by declaring catcher's interference on Bowen."

How exciting is it to watch a kid you know start the biggest MLB game of the year? Pretty cool. And, how weird is it when the first thing he does is get charged with an error only a catcher can get? Again, very weird. T. had this called on him a couple of times in college, and, as a catcher's mom, I felt a lot of righteous indignation. In my perspective, I think the batter should have interfering with the catcher called on HIM.

But, Rob did hit a double, and he was a major player on a major stage. Congrats to him!

I didn't catch any local news...I certainly hope they picked up on this one!

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