Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pieces of April
Took a walk, did some errands like vacuuming the car and taking a movie back. Bought a giant diet at the drive-thru.
Afternoon spent tidying up flower beds. Pulling little weeds and stray grass clumps and dandelions. Cutting the dead parts of the boxwoods out. The rhododendron too, and the lantana. Winter was hard on them this year. February, really. Trimming the grass around the beds, then filling up the sprinkler can with water and adding water-soluble fertilizer and giving everyone a good soaking.
Filled up the birdfeeder, and moved a half-dozen hostas from one place to another.
Sitting on the front porch in the sun. Trying to read Son of a Witch but the sun is so bright and warm and makes me sleepy. Neighbors out mowing or tidying up like me. I can hear Pete working on his pool in the backyard. Morgan comes over to say hi. People walking by. Some with dogs. Kids on bikes.
I can see the leaves growing on the trees, I think.

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