Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Official Site of The San Diego Padres: News: San Diego Padres News: "DENVER -- Rob Bowen is a natural right-handed hitter who took up switch-hitting as a 16-year-old, which might lead one to think that the Padres' catcher is more comfortable hitting right-handed.

"That might well be case, although you would have to check with Bowen each day to see which side is working best for him.

'I probably feel a little better right-handed now, control-wise,' Bowen said. 'But last year, I hit better left-handed. It always fluctuates.'"

This is so weird to read, because I watched Rob learn to switch hit during his high school years. The left-hand batting came around slowly, and let's just say SOME dads (whose boys were riding the bench) did not have as much patience with the future major-leaguer as Coach Potter did. Which, in retrospect, is just a hoot, since those boys' baseball days are long gone, and we're watching Rob on ESPN everyday.

I can still see and hear Rob's dad, sitting behind home plate with his video camera, cheering him on, says, "Quick bat, Rob, quick bat."

Tony's senior year, Rob's junior, one of the kid's moms would bring her pet monkey to every game. So we would pet the monkey in the bleachers. One never knows what's going to happen next in high school baseball. When Coach P. decided not to start the monkey mom's kid (he was a pitcher) in a tournament game, the parents didn't monkey around, and jumped Coach P. about it beside the concession stand. I know because I was caught in there and heard the whole thing. High school seems so important in ... high school. Who knows what that kid is doing now...but I know I'm not watching him on ESPN.

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