Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The News-Press: South Fort Myers: "A series of highway brush fires snarled rush-hour traffic near Southwest Florida International Airport on Monday afternoon, scorching 45 acres before being contained."
We spent last week mostly in Ft. Myers, and while I didn't watch a lot of TV, or even read a paper every day, it was hard to avoid the concern in the area over the lack of rain. It's their dry season anyway, and I really don't know if it is worse than usual this year, but everyone in the media seemed pretty obsessed with rain. A 20% chance was predicted for last Thursday, and you'd have thought the monsoon was at hand. As Greg said, a 20% chance in Ft. Wayne means everyone breaks out the picnic basket and plans their outdoor wedding reception. In Ft. Myers (hey! let's make this fellow fort our sister city! everyone there was from Indiana anyway!) a 20% chance meant it REALLY MIGHT RAIN.
It was dry--we could really see it at the small park called Bowditch, at the end of Estero Island. Parched grass, etc. (We also saw gopher tortoises there.) And reports of wildfires around the state.
The bloggage refers to an area we drove through just last Friday. When we left that day, it was ... raining.

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