Wednesday, April 18, 2007 Local News - Council Delays 'Harrison Square' Vote: "By public demand, City Council will hold a public hearing at 5:30 next Tuesday in the City-County Building with a format that will include council members answering residents questions about Harrison Square."

Too little, too late. Mitch Harper is right on Ft. Wayne Observed that this is a done deal. A public hearing is a little piece of bone thrown to the public, who is rightly concerned about the gross misuse of our tax dollars.

What makes me furious: the latest study that shows the best solution for the current stadium is to TEAR IT DOWN. What a WASTE of my tax dollars, and NO ONE seems to care. Remembering the fight to build it just over ten years ago....which we supported, being baseball fans.

What makes me maddest about the current project is that no other downtown draws seems to have been considered. NONE.

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  1. You say that no one seems to care. I care. Of course, that doesn't make your statement invalid, since I'm pretty much the definition of "no one."

    What really gets me is how small-scale we are in the Fort. In Indy, it took a real, live, Super Bowl-caliber NFL team to blackmail the taxpayers out of their money with a threat to go elsewhere. Here? A single A baseball team, owned by two clowns out of Atlanta, can get the job done. I hate it that we're SO easy.