Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I miss Don Imus
By our trip home Sunday, I was thoroughly sick of Don Imus. His conversational miscues had been talked to shreds by every newscaster, talk show host, and person with an opinion. G. and I had talked about it on the way to Ohio, and the way back. Racist or not? Stupid or not? Fired or not? CBS slow to punish or not? Keep his show or not? I mostly just wanted him to go away.
Well, he did, and I miss the story dearly. I'd rather talk about Don Imus's stupidity for days, weeks, years, decades, generations, centuries, than talk about the unimaginably sad tragedy at Virginia Tech.
What a physically sick feeling I had as I watched the story unfold on Monday.
I longed for Don Imus. And ache for everyone connected to VT.

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  1. I was just thinking of this yesterday, too! How in a matter of days we went from stick-n-stone-n-words that hurt to ... bullets, which kill. The VT tragedy is heartbreaking, indeed.