Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Indiana News - Breaking Local Indiana News - The New York Times: "All Presidents lead an encapsulated existence, but few have lived in a more seamless containment than has President Reagan over the past 12 months. That is why Mr. Reagan's sudden emergence into public view yesterday on a muddy riverbank in the flooded and unemploymentbattered town of Fort Wayne, Ind., was such a striking spectacle. Security considerations of both a physical and a political nature were abruptly set aside as Mr. Reagan visited a group of young people stacking sandbags atop a dike.."

Googled the '82 flood and found a composite page of stories about it in the NYT, of all places. I guess it helps to have a president come help sandbag.

My memories: IPFW being canceled (my senior year--I graduated in the summer); driving over the Columbia Street bridge and being a little scared at how close to the bridge the water was. How fast it flowed.

I'd forgotten how full of businesses the Headwaters Park area was until I saw a picture on the news yesterday. I remembered just how often they flooded, and how smart it was to get rid of them.

I had two little kids at the time, and no babysitter, so helping to sandbag was not an opten. I guess I was an observer of the flood...not a participant. I was happy not to be in the flooded areas, but looking back, I wish I could have helped more.

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