Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Gone 25 years, Belushi still counts - Celebrity News - "What might a clean Belushi have gone on to do? His career could have paralleled that of Murray, his former “Saturday Night Live” co-star who traveled from “Caddyshack” to a 2004 Oscar nomination for his poignant performance in “Lost in Translation.”

“I think John had a depth to his talent that would have allowed him to reinvent himself,” Michaels said.

Landis agrees. “He could have done anything.”"

I love John Belushi. This article mentions the biography (Belushi) written by his wife and a co-author. Great pictures. Lots of memories from friends. And the Bob Woodward bio, Wired, is riveting too. The first time I read it, I remember thinking, how does anyone taking all these drugs live one week, let alone years?

One of my favorite movies--Continental Divide. I've seen it 20 times, I bet. While writing this post, I ordered it on DVD to replace my old VHS copy.

And SNL--Belushi hated the bees ("I hate those f-ing bees,' he said), but I loved them. I just loved the absurdity of the bees.

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