Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Bus Crash Survivor Tells of His Ordeal - News - "Fort Wayne, IN - Berne Teenager Feels Lucky to be Alive, Following Plunge off Highway Overpass

"Tyler Sprunger of Berne is amazed more people didn't lose their lives in last Friday's bus crash in Atlanta that put members of the Bluffton University baseball team through a nightmarish ordeal.

"The crash killed six people, including four members of the team.

"Sprunger was asleep on the floor of the bus when it first crashed through an overpass guardrail.""

It's that last sentence that makes my blood run cold. I haven't been able to stop thinking about the boys or the families since we first heard it happened last week. Because Tony spent so many hours on buses just like this one, on trips just like this one, during his years as a baseball player at St. Francis. And he always talked about sleeping on the floor.

His first year at USF, they took three 14-passenger vans. One of which was driven by a student. I don't know how many other parents let Sister Elise know we weren't comfortable with this, but I did, and they never took the vans again. His sophomore year, I think they took a tour bus, but his last two years, they flew.

And knowing how much fun these trips are for the boys and the families (we always had a large and fun-loving group that made the trip too), it just makes me sick that a week that should have been full of baseball, sun, fun, beaches, and memories instead is a week of sadness.

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