Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blogging and writing
When I log in to post here, I see how many posts I have in all. Way over 600.
I'd been thinking that I really didn't do much writing anymore...a little at work, mostly re-working other people's writing, though.
But looking at the over-600 posts, I've had to change my mind. That's a lot of writing. Completed in little bit and pieces, during a quiet moment at work, an evening at home, whatever.
Mostly about something that caught my attention online, or what I'm doing, or what I'm reading. Nothing profound. A snip of poetry. A quote.
And the other blogs I visit...tons of people writing. Some of them commenting on current events, politics, their personal interests, but lots of it is just about what they did, what they watched, whether Sanjaya should have been voted off AI (yes).
But, people are writing. Blogging. Emails--lots of 'em. Text messages. IMs.
I'm about to start a book called Everything Bad Is Good for You. And I won't be surprised if I find that the author has observed that while we might spend too much time in front of the computer, or TV, or whatever, we're learning and growing despite ourselves.
Cos we're sure writing.

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