Friday, February 2, 2007

WANE-TV Coverage You Can Count On: Countdown to the Super Bowl: "WANE) We're less than a week away from the Super Bowl, and there are lots of events leading up to the big game, including a rally scheduled for Friday in downtown Fort Wayne."

Thank goodness, the game is on CBS and not Fox. The channel 55 web site has a very lame excuse as to why they have not updated their signal to HD yet, but all it means to us is, the channel 55 signal is the worst of all, both on the satellite, and on the antenna (where it's unwatchable).

CBS, on the other hand, comes over the antenna with a beautiful HD signal, and we can look forward to an afternoon and evening of digital bliss.

NBC's signal is also good, by the way, but I am so happy they are out of the NFL business, because now I won't have to listen to the annoying John mellencamp knock-off song four million times. It's so dang LONG, for one thing!

Hey, go Colts!

P.S. Quick trip to the library last night. Had the little kids so I did't get to see the whole thing--no second floor. We had a very tasty sandwich at the cafe, and a fun time in the Children's section, with the little girls enjoying the playscape and Julian able to talk to the librarian about where th epirate books were. He wants to go to the genealogy section to "look up his name and see if he is related to an Indian"! Apparently his teacher talked to the class about Indians, and the advantages of being one (!), so now he is hot to discover his background. I didn't break it to him I don't think there is any Indian heritage on the Dee/McCabe side. Maybe on his dads'!

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