Saturday, February 3, 2007

Tipping point
An ongoing discussion during our trip to Ohio (Norwalk, to be precise, home of the norovirus) about the stadium project and downtown revitalization in general. And whether a redundant stadium is the answer to the downtown woes. Or if something with a little more imagination (hello! aquarium? water park? learning center?) might be the key.
And of course we mentioned the mention of Fort Fun by Coach Dungy after the AFC Championship game. And how panties-in-a-knot excited it's made everyone, and how that is just a little pathetic.
And the SI article with not-a-bad spin on the Ft. Wayne thing.
And now a second mention of the Fort in SI.
Got me to wondering...when does a place cease being boring and lame, and start being hip and mentionable? It is more perception than reality, or, maybe, marketing and spin, or buzz and chatter? (See the drive-thru rap on YouTube.)
If you become self-referencal enough, and embrace your unhipness in a cool way (not a pathetic, let's send a gift basket kind of way), do you, or could you, become some kind of anti-cool-cool place to be?
Nah. Just wondering, though.

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