Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Snickers pulls plug on Super Bowl smooch ad - Feb. 6, 2007: "NEW YORK ( -- After a number of groups objected, Masterfoods USA, the maker of Snickers candy bars, has pulled the plug on a controversial Super Bowl commercial that showed two men accidentally kissing.

The 30-second commercial featured two mechanics who end up sharing both a Snickers bar and an inadvertent kiss, and then react by pulling out a clump of chest hair to 'do something manly.'"

This commercial was just so gross, and it was the unanimous opinion of the spectators I was with that NO ONE felt the LEAST bit hungry for a Snickers, and some went so far as to say, they never wanted to eat a Snickers again.

Which makes one wonder WHAT THE HELL these advertising agencies are thinking. How out of touch with reality are they? Pretty darn far.

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