Tuesday, February 13, 2007

NWS Enhanced Radar Mosaic: Central Great Lakes Sector--Snow baby
Having some Blizzard of '78 flashbacks, although this is, so far, a junior version of that one. If it's still snowing Thursday, then we'll talk.
Since I arrived home about noon safe and sound, I can laugh about this: the machinations we go through to satisfy our employers. Everything I did for work today, was online, or could be: email and web stuff. But, work was on this morning, so I girded my loins and helmeted my hair and was off. The drive was not the MOST right-knuckle one I've ever had to Huntington, which is good. And we stopped for coffee, which was good. And were there by 8:20 a.m. (I do have a rule that I do not drive in snow AND dark. If it's snowing, I don't leave the house until it's getting light.)
But I hadn't been there long before the (reliable) rumor surfaced that we would be sent home, and it proved to be true.
By noon, we were out of there, and the drive home was, again, not the worst I've ever had. The driving lane of 24 was fairly clear, the passing lane not good, and miraculously, no ---hole in a pickup truck felt the need to fly by me at 60 mph.
So, I spent the afternoon working at home and watching the weather channel.
Stay warm!

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