Sunday, February 18, 2007

Jared Carter Poetry :: Poems :: "Snow"
Do click through to Mr. Carter's poem above --he knows snow.
Thinking about snow.
Snow does not last, although its effects may linger long.
Sometimes it comes violently, and wreaks havoc, and makes a mess of things. People die in the snow--from cold, from accidents, from stupidity (re: reckless snowmobiling).
Snow brings great beauty, yet sometimes, great pain.
Snow itself is transient, but its effects are not.
Even this snow we have right now, so predicted, so reported, so talked about, now about a foot of it, all the drifts, the blinding whiteness--could disappear by next week. And it might--it's going to warm up next week, and maybe rain, and that all means, a mess.
I like the way the snow looks, but I hate the cold, and I hate the ice and dangerous driving and the occasional slip on my ass walking down the driveway to get the paper and mail.
Yes, the this snow will go. And the cold. And what it's covered, we remember, and will soon see again.

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