Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shoppers turn to town centers - "Shoppers turn to town centers"
To say my family is rather addicted to our own local "lifestyle center" -- Jefferson Pointe -- is an understatement. Like the person quoted in the sotry, we too are there two to three times a week -- to shop, to eat, to go to a movie. Granted, in the winter, it can be kind of a challenge. When we went last week with the three little girls, Caroline and Taylor were in their snowpants and walked kind of like Frankenstein's monster. Our visit was rather short. Unlike in the summer, when we will spend the entire evening eating, shopping, strolling, and on Friday's, enjoying the music.

The one criticism I have of JP, and other centers in colder climates, is why in the world the designers don't make it possible to walk from one place to another in the rain, without getting soaked? Really, a few well-laced awnings would do it. With minimal investment.

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