Monday, January 22, 2007

Norovirus sickens 120 at hotel - Travel News -
Hilton at Dulles airport closes for cleaning after outbreak"
More Norwalk virus news! I'm wondering how my hometown of Norwalk, Ohio, can profit from all this free publicity! Maybe signs up at the city limits:
NORWALK: Home of the norovirus! Free samples to visitors!
And of course there should be a museum or better yet, a science center of norovirus research. Tours, advice, seminars on hand-washing.
I may apply for the naming rights and set up a souvenir stand. Can you imagine the t-shirts?
NORWALK: Take some home with you.
NORWALK: Virually active!
NORWALK: You won't forget it!
Specially logo-ed toilet paper, barf bags, hand sanitizer, and electrolyte drinks!

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