Friday, January 19, 2007

Today's Common Sensibility: Healthier Sides! Local News - INShape Indiana
I'm going to sign up for this...I'd like to lose 15 more pounds by March 30 (when we go on spring break to Disney and then Ft. Myers).
We have a health initiative at work also, which is great! They sponsor a Weight-Watchers group (I didn't use it to lose, but lots of people have) and also encourage walking during breaks (which I DO take advantage of).
Now, here's my suggestion: We eat out probably too much, I confess. And it's no secret that it's sometimes really hard to eat healthy in restaurants.
But why can't every fast-food restaurant, and also sit-down restaurant, offer at least one healthy side, like a small salad? Most of them are offering salads anyway. Oh, it's much better than it used to be ... and lots of places do have another choice. But we went out to the new Crazy Pinz Wednesday (lots of fun, BTW) and the only two choices with my wrap were spicy chips (fried) or fries! Neither of which I wanted.
So often if you want to substitute a salad, you get charged extra, or have to buy a larger-size salad than you really want.
How hard would it be to have a small-size salad available for two or three bucks, and make it a free substitution for fries? Because I bet a small salad, even with dressing (on the side of course) costs a lot less than fries (esp. when you inlcude the electricty to fry them!).
I think I'll start a movement...the small-salad sub for fry movement! SSSFFM! Get on board now!

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