Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Norwalk virus group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Historically, noroviruses have been named after the places where the outbreaks occurred, e.g., Norwalk, Ohio, where in November 1968 an outbreak of acute gastroenteritis occurred among children at an elementary school. In 1972, immune electron microscopy on saved stool samples identified the virus, which was called Norwalk virus. Numerous outbreaks with similar symptoms have been reported since and after initially being grouped as 'Small Round-Structured Viruses', the cloning and sequencing of the Norwalk virus genome showed that these viruses have a genomic organization consistent with viruses belonging to the family Caliciviridae."

I was researching this topic a little for my sister and just couldn't help mentioning my home town! Ya just gotta love a place that gets mentioned so often in the same sentence with "vomiting" and "diarrhea."

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