Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Two hours I'll never get back
After my marathon movie-watching of two weekends ago, ('Squid and the Whale', 'Hero', etc.), just one movie last weekend: 'The Break-Up.' Of course I knew reviews had been mixed, and I have to agree, they were right: Not enough time setting up why these two people fell in love in the first place, too much bitter fighting, and a terribly ambiguous ending that just left me scratching my head. This was NOT a movie that needed an art-house-film ending!
But in better news, have finally committed myself to reading Capote, and it's really good and very fun reading. Of course I remember Truman Capote, from his game-show and talk-show appearances in the '60s and '70s. And I read In Cold Blood at a very young age--early high school, I think, and it scared the bejesus out of me so much I've never seen the movie. So to read this biography, and put together all the Trumans--the young literary genius, the crime writer, the gay blade, etc.--is fascinating stuff. I'm especially enjoying the beginning--Truman as a young writer learning his craft.
What is better than a stack of good books to read, waiting on the nightstand? Nothing, for me anyway. My order from Amazon Used came yesterday, and I have On Beauty and The March to consume next. Both are book club books.
I experimented yesterday with, signing up for a membership and getting a free book. I don't normally like to pay for "memberships" or "discount cards," but since I got a $20 book for $10 (the cost of the membership), I made an exception. I found the process fairly straightforward, although I registered my mp3 player, which is a discontinued Creative Muvo Slim, and the Audible software insists on downloading a version of the book that my device does not support. However, it is easy to redownload in the correct format, once one finds the screen on which to do so. For fun, I downloaded a Janet Evanovich book, Motor Mouth, which would be good except I don't like the person who narrates the books. Her voices just don't ring true for me. I also downloaded, for free, a radio program. Of course, you can always listen to the download through Windows Media player, or the Audible software itself.

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