Wednesday, November 1, 2006

From the Ft. Wayne Chamber:

"AirTran Airways has set up a website to poll the flying public as to where they would like to see Air Tran start service next. One of the options is Fort Wayne. Please take a moment to go to the following link and vote for AirTran service from FWA."

"While our votes don't guarantee that AirTran will begin Fort Wayne service, it's nice to at least be on the list for consideration! Once you have voted, forward this link to your friends and family. The more votes the better! The poll will be open until at least next Tuesday. You will have to give them your email address, however they don’t sell their lists. One vote per email address counts – so you can vote from your home and business."

We flew the first AirTran flight from Tampa to Indy by accident a couple of years ago. We were impressed with them--like ATA in the good old days. It would be GREAT if they expand to Ft. Wayne.

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