Friday, November 10, 2006

Common Sensibilities Redux - Where's the lid?
Last night, after 'nastics, we went with Ang, Matt, Caroline and Julian to Arby's. Julian was rollerskating.
Ang and Matt bought the girls a kid's meal to share. Of course there was a toy in it.
The toy was some kind of small box,with a playing-card-size card of some kind, and six blocks. It was wrapped in cellophane.
Ang took the cellophane off and handed it to Caroline, who happily began playing with the blocks.
When it was about time to go, Caroline says to Angela:
"Mommy! Where's the lid?!"
"There is no lid."
"Is the lid under there?" Caroline continued, looking under the table.
"There is no lid. It didn't come with a lid," says Mommy.
"Is the lid lost?" says the two year old.
"The lid never existed. There is no lid. It didn't come with a lid," patiently explained the parent. Adults crack up over her head. She just was not buying it that there was no lid in the first place.
She plays a little with the blocks and fights a little with Taylor about them.
They get dropped and I help her pick them up.
She looks at me and asks,
"Is the lid in your purse?" Caroline asks me.
"No, sweetie...there really is no lid," I had to tell her, before turning away to crack up a little more.
I've had to deduce it was a fault in design by the toy makers, if a two-year-old so totally expected these blocks to come in a box with a lid. I expect the first thing she asks this morning will be, "Hey Mommy! Why isn't there a lid?!"

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