Friday, November 10, 2006

Common Sensibilities Redux - Random Friday headlines found on
Random Friday headlines found on
Frat boys sue over drunken appearance in 'Borat' film (reality bites)
Muhammad Ali returns to Garden to watch daughter (what goes around, comes around)
38 whales die in mass stranding (what are they thinking...and I do think they're thinking)
Cathedral's statue of George Washington beheaded (PUT IT BACK NOW!)
City's residents approve tax for carbon use (Thank you, residents of wherever, for approving the use of the basic building block of life.)
Wild deer gets plastic jack-'o-lantern stuck on snout (ouch)
Woman sees Virgin Mary in gold nugget (does she appear in and out of objects, like people do in pictures at Hogwarts?)
Deer runs wild in Target store (just like me!)
Gators go from icon to nuisance (football team or reptiles?)

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