Monday, November 13, 2006

Cinema Central
Actually got to whittle down the stack of DVDs by the TV this weekend.
Friday, it was The Squid and the Whale, and Heroes. Found The Squid almost painfully realistic; the character true to life, and very sad, and kind of an uncomfortable movie to watch. Heroes uncomfortable to watch also, mainly because violence is so central to it; but it's so stylistic and choreographic, I survived. Beautiful cinematography; the plot, rather incomprehensible, but I know China ends up united, and lots of people end up dead.
Saturday night, it was two hours we'll never get back watching Mickey, a very bad movie written by John Grisham, who should have known better. A story that is based on lies and deception that tries to be feel-good at the same time; the big confessions at the end don't carry it. One thing I'll give it: very realistic depiction of Little League Baseball.
Last night, A Prairie Home Companion, which I enjoyed very much. A loose storyline, but the characters are so fun, and the music so enticing, who cares! I loved the Guy Noir character, who of course is a regular in the sketches in the real show, but here plays the head of security. Nice touch.

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