Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Well, one more thing about John Mayer
I am old enough to be his mom; he's Angela's age. He doesn't have the greatest voice, but it is a little bluesy, and since he loves the blues, that works.
But as I listen to his songs, I wonder: how did he get to be so wise, at 28? Daughters...Waitin' for the World to Change...even his high school song: well, not wise like the Gospel of John, but pretty thoughtful, full of perspective, for a gen-x-er.
And what karmac stars fell into place for him to have the talent, the education, the opportunities, the good influences, the support, the drive, the dumb luck, to be so successful, so young? Because you need all of them.
Reading his blog, it's good to see, he's grateful for it. Doesn't take it for granted, as if the world owed him success--as you see in so many pro athletes, unfortunately. Appreciates his fan. Mutual, John--hope you don't mind a few elderly fans.

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