Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Puzzled by the paper
I didn't get to read the paper (News-Sentinel) until later in the evening, after babysitting, so maybe my brain was fried and the ole synapses weren't firing quite right, but several things confused me.
First, Kevin Leininger's article on the rivers. I don't know who wrote the headline, and there's certainly nothing WRONG with it, but it's such a DUH statement I wonder what they were thinking: "City, rivers always linked."
Since the rivers are the reason Ft. Wayne is here in the first place....they are definitely linked.
Then, I wonder just what this article is supposed to be about: The history of the development along the rivers? Because that is mentioned. The canoe trip he took with Mark Gensic? That's there too. Possible future development like Providence, RI? Mentioned. Now, throw in the development that's planned ... SEWER storage tanks? Where did that come from? Yea, that's the kind of think I want to walk by on a greenway.
I think Kevin had about three columns here at least, and might have made better points by milking this little canoe trip for a week of work.
Then I turn the page and read Christopher Stieber's guest column, "Physicians, mend our bodies but leave our laws and policy alone." I've read this twice, and still am not sure what the point it, although I think he is against limitations on public smoking. I'm guessing that he's angry that doctors want no-smoking laws passed and enforced, and a couple local politicians happen to be doctors, but why call John Crawford a half-Nazi because he wants to keep the air clean for those of use who don't smoke? And what's this whole paragraph
about Dr. Rush and malaria? And where did Ayman Al-Zawahiri come from? And Joseph Mengele? What in the world was the N-S thinking in running this one?
I didn't ahve to agree with Barbara L. Brown's letter about the cleanliness of the rivers...she is right about that one.
And Ilse Heim, what century is she living in? If she thinks kindergarten is "all-day babysitting," or even "half-day babysitting," she hasn't read the paper lately, which has been very clear about just what children are expected to know when they start first grade. If she's angry about her property taxes, take that up with the state legislature and the City of Fort Wayne, not the state's five-year-olds, who need to learn, and are a better investment than, say, ripping down a perfectly good stadium and building a new one in an empty downtown.
And then: where was Lakeside's flag? Why is Ruth Papazian so angry because this flag was not put up on HER timetable? If she was so concerned that the flag be there on this particular day, she needed to call the school ahead of time and ask it be raised early. Ask nicely, too. How in the world can you complain that it's raised later in Ft. Wayne Community Schools--did she do a survey and call every school?
Nice column by Joe Weiler, though!
Okay, that's my rant and review for the day. I can relax.
Oh--and on rereading everything this morning, I can report my brain was not fried. None of that still makes sense.

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